the man, the myth, the maker

As a lifetime learner, I’ve had my feet in multiple streams and combinations of vocation. From IT and business administration to theology and teaching, the past decade and a half has provided a unique seedbed for my continuing work in the creative realm through these three channels.

Art Evangelist

Nineteen years ago my complete outlook on life changed. It was an Anthony Hopkins movie that acted as a catalyst to this re-creation. Art can question us, challenge us, comfort us, enliven us, shift our mindsets. Movies, music, experiences, language of ideas both new and old, exploring and sharing what we are hearing through these icons is part of the human adventure. It is this journey and declaration to keep eyes and ears and hearts open, both to what is right in front of us and what transcends us, that makes art an essential topic of conversation.

Video Alchemist

Cinematography literally means to write movement. All the pieces of a video (audio, visuals, composition, color, etc.) come together to create movement of a story, whether in drama or enjoyment. Each element is a chemical that interplays with the others, changing and transforming the mixture to where the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts. It is this process of combining, this alchemy that is so intriguing in video creation.

Gospel Editor

Little known fact: artists are people, too. In the midst of capturing stories, we artists often miss our own story which can lead to narcissism and isolation. Face to face connection is needed in the digital era, whether to vent about something small or bring up those ultimate questions we are all asking. It is through internal listening and outside perspective that we can piece together a narrative and receive good news that re-aligns our lives with hope.


My wife Naomi and I have been married for 15 years and have four daughters. We live in Lebanon, Pa where I serve our local church family as Pastor of Teaching.

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[photo credit: Jumay Designs]